It's the start of a new year. But believe it or not, we'll be celebrating Easter in just 90 days. Between now and then, join us on a journey through the life of Jesus.

Part 1-For the World

Jesus didn't come to extend an old religion. He didn't come to just clarify old truths. He didn't come to just preach sermons and offer wise teachings. From the angel’s announcement to Mary that she would give birth to a son whose "kingdom would never end," it was clear: Jesus would do something new for the world.

Part 2-Upside Down

“Might makes right” is the default setting for the world. Those with wealth and power write the rules, and they usually write them to favor themselves. That was true in Jesus’ time as well. But he came to turn everything upside down.

Part 3-Fish Tricks

When you read the Gospels, two things are abundantly clear. Being a sinner doesn’t disqualify you from following Jesus. And being an unbeliever doesn’t disqualify you from following Jesus. So, what does that mean for you?

Part 4-New World Order

If you aren’t religious or you gave up religion, you probably had good reason to walk away or stay away. You’re a reasonable person, and there are plenty of good reasons to reject religion. But reconsider Jesus. He wasn’t an extension of the old religion. He came to introduce something brand new.

Part 5-Greater Indeed

Something in us is tempted to believe God loves his Law more than his people. We’re tempted to prioritize rules over people. Maybe you left church because somebody prioritized the Bible over your divorced mother or gay brother. But Jesus came to offer us a life greater than keeping religious rules.

Part 6-Jesus and the Disenfranchised

Jesus asks us to follow him. There’s no argument about that. But, some of the things Jesus did in his life were scandalous, counter cultural and against our normal tendencies. Even his close followers pushed back, the religious leaders even more so. The message Jesus brought was brand new and required a different way of living. Jesus left us in no doubt about what that looked like. He illustrated it perfectly. When Jesus says “Follow me”, we may not like it or find it easy, but it’s the only way the new message from Jesus can be spread. A new approach was required, one that was way more powerful than anything from the past. Join us this Sunday as Pastor John explores an incident in the life of Jesus that clearly illustrates this.

Part 7-Transcendence

We are right in the center of the 90-day journey about the life and message of Jesus, so it is entirely appropriate that Sunday will focus on a foundational declaration about Him. The statement made by a disciple is the basis of the church’s existence and informs our approach to the universal mandate Jesus gave us. Unfortunately, the church misses it frequently and this negatively impacts the progress of our mission. We must not miss it! Please join us this Sunday, as John Hastings describes what Jesus said about who we are and what we should do! 

Part 8-Nic at Night

Jesus claimed to be greater than the temple. He made the temple obsolete. Most of his followers assumed his end game was to declare himself king. The more discerning among them sensed something else was going on. Jesus spoke with authority but refused to take charge. He wielded extraordinary power, but never for himself. What was he up to?

Part 9-Redefining Greatness

We all have a working definition of what it means to be great. It probably includes power, prosperity, or popularity. As we journey through the life of Jesus, we can't help but stop and look at how he redefined greatness. Don't miss this message!

Part 10-The New Covenant

The words unlimited and unconditional make us suspicious. Whether those words describe an insurance policy, cellphone agreement, or meal plan for a college student, we assume unlimited is really limited and unconditional has some conditions. That suspicion extends to our relationship with God. Unconditional love? Unlimited forgiveness? There must be a catch. But what if there isn’t?

Part 11-The One Commandments

Jesus didn’t come to initiate Judaism 2.0. He came came to offer something entirely new to the world: a new covenant that would forever change humankind’s relationship to God. And with that new covenant came a new ethic—one that insisted the greatest choose the back of the line.

Part 12-The Pilate Chronicles

At Passover, Jesus gathered his followers and spelled out a new relational arrangement between God and mankind: “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” But Jesus wasn’t celebratory. He seemed troubled. Initiating this new covenant with God would require sacrifice. What came next would confuse his followers and send them scattering.