How should the world view the church? Unfortunately, we've created a brand for the church that Jesus never intended. But we have the opportunity to give everyone a Brand: New perspective.

Part 1-Letting Go

Jesus’ arrival signaled an end to one way of relating to God and the beginning of something entirely new. Jesus instructed us to love one another as well as those who won’t love us back. Over time and across cultures, different churches have tried to live that out in different ways. But when you reduce church to its irreducible minimum, it is a group of people doing their best to follow a teacher—Jesus—that we believe was sent from God to clear the way to God.

Part 2

Jesus introduced something brand new to the world. It was not an extension of the old, it was not a modification of something. It was an agreement between God and man that resulted in a brand new community that never existed before. This was to be a community where no-one stands alone, and where WE MAKE A PLACE FOR EVERYONE!  It was a community of love and acceptance, not a community of fearful apprehension and isolation. It was a community where disillusionment, despair, and hopelessness, was overcome by encouragement and optimism. This was brand NEW and desperately needed in that culture. It is still desperately needed today and is the reason MLC exists! Join us on Sunday, as Pastor John brings us part 2 of this series that has been designed to draw us all together around our common purpose as we anticipate the transition ahead.

Part 3-Mountain Move

MLC is going through a transition and we are moving to a different facility. Every move brings both excitement and challenges. We believe the Lord is leading us and has orchestrated this move.

Part 4-Redefining Terms

Don't like the church? Is that your fault or the church's? In this episode of Brand:New, Andy exposes how the church veered off course.