Our Messages

The messages you’ll hear during a Mountain Lakes Church experience are aimed at helping us apply the truth of the Bible to our lives. As a Strategic Partner of North Point Ministries, our messages are delivered either via video by Andy Stanley (Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church), or by John Hastings (Lead Pastor at Mountain Lakes Church).

our music

Music is always an enjoyable part of the Mountain Lakes experience. We use a culturally relevant music style that connects with the people of our area. Most of our music is worship music, but there are times we choose to play a song commonly heard on the radio because it is relevant to our message that week. Whatever music we are playing, we make the strongest effort to ensure it is excellent and engaging. We hope that in time, you’ll get to know these songs and be able to sing them with us.


We love children of all ages at Mountain Lakes Church! We work hard to create safe and enjoyable environments for children birth through elementary, and for students in Middle and High School.