Our desire is to be a church that makes it easy for people to meet new friends and build relationships by connecting into a community group.

  1. What?

Community Groups are a collection of 15-20 people who meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in homes, at the church office or another defined location.


  1. Where?

Groups meet in convenient locations all over the Upstate region of SC.  The general location of the group (Clemson, Seneca, Anderson, etc.) will be made clear at time of signing up, but sometimes the details of the actual meeting spot will be communicated to you by the leader of the group after you have signed up.


  1. Why?

Groups are where people build relationships, learn more about Biblical truth, grow in their faith, get involved in serving the community and have some fun together.


  1. How often does a group meet and how long is a group meeting?

Groups meet about once a week, and each meeting ranges from 60-90 mins.


  1. How long do groups stay together?

Groups begin and end with every semester.  Groups meet for 8-12 times in a semester.  It’s a short-term commitment that has long term value.  You can choose a different group in each semester.


  1. How do I get in one?

Sign-ups will happen in a Sunday service at the beginning of every semester.  There will be no official groups in the summer. A catalog of groups that are numbered will be presented on “SIGN-UP” day and you will complete a tear-off slip with some details on it.  The leader of the group that you signed up for will connect with you about next steps.


  1. What if I arrive in the middle of a semester?


Please text MLCCONNECT TO 41411, or submit your details below, and we will do our best to connect you with a group. If you prefer to wait, there will be an opportunity to sign up at the beginning of the following semester.

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